Be Part of the Pilot Program!

I’ve spent the past several months developing a mindfulness training program.  One that I hope will provide people with a clear path to a balanced life.   Mindfulness has recently become more visible in the media - yet many people are still uncertain what it is.  Mindfulness is simply a present state awareness, where you are alert to what is happening both inside and outside of you, where you are more curious and open to options available to you and more intentional in your choices (rather than responding on autopilot).  Through increased awareness, you better notice patterns and opportunities you might have missed before.  Through increased emotional regulation, you have a bigger gap between stimulus (there is a traffic jam when I’m already late for an appointment) and response (my blood pressure rises - or I remain calm).  It is about making better decisions and choices in your life.  

The goals of the program are to help people learn the skills to be more present and aware, to help them become more open and intentional in their actions and to feel more calm and yet more productive.  In essence, to get better results in all areas of their lives.

By developing my own improved skills in this area I have seen major shifts in how I work, how I parent, how I tackle challenges and adversity, how I focus on what is important and how I enjoy life.  Because this practice has been instrumental in my own work and life, my goal is to help as many people as possible benefit from a mindfulness practice.  

Mindful Wisdom is a seven week, one-hour/week program - which will ‘groove’ the mindfulness skills beyond what most people can realize from a book or an App.  What do I bring that makes this unique?  I am passionate about making a concept like mindfulness grounded, actionable and transformative for the everyday person.  My aim is that participants experience measurable and lasting results.  

How you can help?
I need 12 people for the pilot - so this is a chance to be part of something - something that will help you be more aware, more open and intentional.  If you are in the Vancouver area and want to be part of this - act now as there is limited availability.  The first session is Thursday October 1st at 7:30 pm at Aveeva Physiotherapy Studio in North Vancouver and will repeat for six subsequent Thursdays.  More details to follow for those interested - you can contact me at