An Unbeatable Mind for 2016!

The New Year is often a time where we take stock of where we are at in our life’s journey and make minor course corrections, often called resolutions.   

Before you jump to the common course corrections like “join a gym” or “lose 10 pounds”, it is worth pausing and looking at the bigger picture.  Rather than reactwith a minor course correction or two (often made from a place of autopilot) you want to be intentional about this.  Remember there is a captain on this journey (you!) and the first thing the captain needs to be clear on is “where am I going?” and “what are the values I want to honor on the way there?”  These are big questions that are easily put off for another day.  But not if you have an ‘unbeatable mind’.

In reading retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine’s book, Unbeatable Mind - Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level, I was intrigued by how mindfulness is an integral part of his SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind programs.  These programs guide average people like me through the mental and physical transformation needed to navigate life like a SEAL.

The following quote from Unbeatable Mind makes this very clear:

The happiest and most successful people in the world are also the most aware of their internal and external environments.  They are constantly scanning both for threats and opportunities to grow and lead.  To make a change, awareness is the starting point.”  

Awareness is everything - whether you want the physical and mental toughness of an elite level Navy SEAL or an elite level employee, entrepreneur, wife or Dad!  Every one of your choices emanates from either a place of clear conscious awareness - or from a place of autopilot.  So the warrior mindset is really about moving out of autopilot and into a place of awareness and mindfulness.  It is about being present, paying attention and accepting the reality of what’s here now.  It is about challenging yourself to be open and curious and looking at the world with a ‘beginner’s mind’.  It is about being intentional and ideally compassionate in your choices. 

As you consider your goals and resolutions for 2016, why not make this the year you commit to leveraging your greatest asset – your brain and connected nervous system.  When you are operating from a place of calm-yet-alert, your entire nervous system is operating in a state of high performance and resiliency.  You are far more curious, connected and concentrated and far less frantic, frazzled and forgetful.  You are able to see the bigger picture and make intentional choices rather than simply reacting.  Make 2016 the year you commit to the discipline and practice that allows you to develop an unbeatable mind and bring that to every role you fulfill in your life.    

Wishing everyone a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2016!  

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I welcome new connection requests.  And if you are in the Vancouver area and want to learn skills to be more mindful, the next public offering of the Mindful Wisdom program begins Thursday January 14th, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm at Aveeva Physiotherapy and Wellness Studio.  Please contact me at to sign up (limited seating available).