An Invitation to Become More Resilient and Focused in 2016

What if… you could navigate your day from a place of calm, curiosity and concentration?  What if you were able to increase your ability to focus and get more done quicker?  What if the only thing you needed to get there was something you already have – your awareness?


The Mindful Wisdom program is a mindfulness-based program built on proven techniques, customized coaching and ongoing support to make the learning stick.  

By learning techniques that help manage your thoughts and emotions you will be more resilient to the world around you.  By improving your awareness and focus – you will be able to take in information you previously missed and make better decisions; all the while feeling more at peace.

What makes this different?

The Mindful Wisdom program is designed to be experiential, collaborative, fun, and most importantly - transformative.  It is based on a simple, practical framework.  The program includes eight 90-minute group sessions, two 30-minute individual coaching sessions and a detailed guidebook.  Weekly tips will be e-mailed to you during and following the program to ensure you adopt the learning as new habits. 

This is about moving from an F-state of frustrated, frenzied, frazzled and forgetful to a C-state of clear, concentrated, curious, connected and calm. 

-       Taken from Ed Hallowell, Crazy Busy

Make 2016 a More Mindful Year for You

Start the New Year by learning new skills that will allow you to feel more grounded, resilient and focused as you navigate the stresses of life.    

How: The 8-week Mindful Wisdom Program

When: Thursday evenings Jan 14th, 2016 to March 3rd, 2016

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Place: Aveeva Physiotherapy and Wellness Studio, 1434 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver

Contact to sign up (limited seats available).