Through an eight-week mindfulness training curriculum, experienced through weekly 1.5 hr sessions, leaders and busy professionals develop the skills and techniques they need to be more agile and resilient in a world of change and uncertainty.  They also develop the skills for better focus in a world of distraction, for more creativity in a world of rigidity, and for better communication and better collaboration in a world of urgency.  At the end of the program participants will be able to:

·      more deftly and creatively respond when things don’t go as planned;

·      find new options and solutions to problems allowing them to make better decisions;

·      better maintain focus; and

·      better communicate and collaborate with other members of their team.  

Week 1 (1.5 hr)

Being Present

Learning Objectives: Understanding autopilot, how it can limit your performance, how your brain works, what it means to be present and aware, and the basic tools to train your brain.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to catch themselves functioning on autopilot and refocus their attention in an intentional manner.

Week 2 (1.5 hr)

Paying Attention

Learning Objectives: Benefits of mindfulness, paying attention in a new way (sensing versus thinking) to increase awareness and foster new ways of thinking.

Learning Outcomes:  Participants will be able to slow themselves down enough to take in new information and use that information to make better decisions in the moment.

Week 3 (1.5 hr)


Learning Objectives: Understanding the Open versus Fixed Mindset, the benefits of an open mindset, becoming aware of limiting thinking patterns and techniques to be more open minded.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be more creative and curious when confronted with problems and able to find better solutions.

Week 4 (1.5 hr)

Acceptance and Non-Judgment

Learning Objectives: Why acceptance is important, noticing and labelling thoughts and feelings, techniques to move from judgment and frustration to acceptance and the basic noticing of thoughts and feelings practice.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be more aware how quickly their minds move to judgment and rigidity when confronted with problems and will be able to find better solutions.

Week 5 (1.5 hr)

Intentional Response and Non-Reactivity -  

Learning Objectives: Understanding how our brains react to triggers, learning to recognize your "triggers" and techniques to manage reactivity and be intentional in your responses.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to catch themselves being triggered by people and circumstances and gain the space to grow beyond their impulsive reactions, gather more information and make better decisions or employ more effective communications.

Week 6 (1.5 hr)


Learning Objectives: What compassion is, the benefits of compassion, managing our inner-critic and techniques to foster self-compassion and compassion to others.

Learning Outcomes: Building on Week 5, participants will be able to catch themselves being triggered by people and circumstances, gain the space to grow beyond their impulsive reactions, and leverage compassion to make better decisions or employ more effective communications.


Week 7 (1.5 hr)


Learning Objectives: What is the age of distraction, the attention economy, understanding how your attention works, the role of mindfulness techniques and the core techniques for better focus.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to manage their distractions, hone their focus and get more quality work done in less time.


Week 8 (1.5 hr)

Living a Life of Mindful Wisdom

Learning Objectives:  Integrating the elements of the mindfulness model, practicing being mindful in a range of circumstances and a planning to make it stick.

Learning Outcomes:  Participants will be able to practice the various elements of the course in a more integrated manner and will have a personal plan maintain their practice.


Total training Hours

12 hrs (accredited for 12 hrs of ICF Core Competency Continuing Education Units)


course Assessment

The small group format allows the facilitator to check in and provide accountability with each person during the course.  This allows an ongoing assessment of whether the participant is i) understanding the learning, ii) doing the daily practice, iii) connecting the ideas to their work and life, and iv) reflective learning on what’s working/not working.

The integration work in Week 8 provides an opportunity for the participants to practice the skills with a partner and provide each other with feedback.

Participants will complete a pre-course assessment prior to beginning the training and a post-course assessment upon completion of the program. The pre/post self-assessment provides the individual with a measure of their learning gain.

Participation is recorded by the instructor and participants are required to attend 6 of the 8 weeks and to conduct self-study using the guidebook and recordings for any missed weeks.  Up to 2 make-up sessions may be provided at an additional fee where individuals and the organization support this. 

For those businesses looking to go further with assessment tools, this program works as part of manager/leader development programs and can be combined with behavioural assessment tools or 360 peer feedback assessments.  This could include existing internal feedback tools or an assessment tool like The Leadership Circle Profile.  An additional fee is required to administer an assessment outside of the current organizational tools.



Corporate Groups:  $4,999* (plus GST) for groups of 6-12 people.  Includes tailoring the content to the specific context of the organization and the work they do, a 70-page participant guidebook with all lesson materials, all recordings and weekly tips.

Aggregate Groups: $499/person* (plus GST) for groups of 6-12 people assembled from smaller organizations who come together to form the overall group.  Includes the same content and support as the corporate groups.

Mindful Wisdom for Coaches: $499/person* (plus GST) for groups of 6-12 individual coaches who come together to form the overall group.  The program is for coaches looking to add depth to their skills as a coach.  By learning a framework, a language and a skill set for mindfulness, and then practicing those skills, coaches will bring greater awareness, presence, curiosity and openness to the following ICF Core Competencies - Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the Client,  Coaching Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, and Creating Awareness.

This program is accredited for 12 hrs of ICF Core Competency Continuing Education Units.

CEO Package: $1,999 (plus GST)*.   A one-on-one 8-week program customized entirely to the context and schedule of the ultra-busy leader.  We meet at your schedule and each lesson is applied to your day-to-day world, addressing your unique challenges, with regular check-ins for support and accountability. In addition to the 8-week program, you will receive personalized coaching, access to additional resources relevant to your environment and your challenges and personalized IM prompts to keep you on track.  The package also includes my being available for calibration calls prior to high-impact events (such as Strategy and Board meetings).  

   *  This program may be eligible for grant funding.  Please contact at Granted Consulting to find out if your company, or your individual training, is eligible.

   ** For larger groups, special request, speaking engagements – please contact me for pricing. 


Make-up Sessions: $250/session (plus GST)


Delivery Method



Instructor Bio

Scott is a mindfulness trainer and coach, who gives leaders and busy professionals the tools they need to thrive in a chaotic and distracting world.  He has studied mindfulness under the guidance of a local expert, Ray Williams, and brings 10 years of designing and delivering highly successful leadership development programs from his former corporate life.  Using a powerful mix of mindfulness tools, clear metaphors, powerful experiences and simple practices, he provides people with the tools they need to be more resilient, more focused and more productive in an age of distraction. 

He was previously the National Leader of HR for one of Canada’s largest employee-owned engineering and science consulting organizations.  Scott draws on his 27 years of corporate experience to connect the concepts of mindfulness with the world of corporate leaders and the analytical minds of busy managers and professionals.

He also walks the walk every day.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, he uses these skills to manage his focus, his resilience and his reactivity to the world on a daily basis. He has an 11-year old son, who while amazing on so many levels, deals with anxiety. Anxiety that can express itself as highly emotional, oppositional and stubbornly defiant behaviour. Mindfulness has become the most powerful tool he has as a parent in dealing with difficult parenting situations.

Scott has had the great fortune to work with the brilliant people at UBC, BCIT, Urban Systems Ltd., Miller Titerle + Co. LLP, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Clark Wilson LLP, Miller Thomson LLP, EA Canada, SAP, Habanero Consulting, Smythe LLP, Schneider Electric, Covenant House Vancouver, BC Assessment, plus numerous entrepreneurs and sole practitioners. 

Testimonials can be found on the Testimonial Page