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What do you want?

Do you want the tools to be more resilient in the face of constant change and stressors?  Do you want the skills to see through the chaos, have greater focus, make better decisions and achieve greater productivity – all the while feeling calmer?

The Mindful Wisdom program is aimed at mid-career to executive level busy professionals in forward-thinking companies, 50 to 500 people in size, in the Greater Vancouver area.  It arms them with the skills and techniques they need to navigate the challenges of the hectic schedules they live each day. 

If you feel stress is limiting your performance, you need to be more creative in your role or you are lacking the focus you desire to attain your highest productivity, the Mindful Wisdom program is built on proven techniques and ongoing support to make the learning stick. 

How do you get there?

By learning techniques that help manage your thoughts and emotions, you will be more resilient to the world around you.  By giving you tools to minimize distractions and improve your awareness and focus, you will be able to take in information you previously missed and make better decisions.  Sometimes critical decisions that change the course of everything that follows; be it in your business, your relationships or your health.  All of which leads to greater productivity while feeling more at peace.

Mindfulness techniques are at the foundation of increased focus, reduced stress and higher productivity.  Additional techniques are provided to i) create lasting new habits and make the material stick long after the course is complete, and ii) better manage your personal energy.

This is about moving from an F-state of frustrated, frenzied, frazzled and forgetful to a C-state of clear, concentrated, curious, connected and calm.
— Edward Hallowell, Crazy Busy

Take the next step...

If you are ready to be more productive and more at peace at the same time - it all comes down to how you manage your mind.    

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To navigate today's chaos, the busy professional needs the tools and skills to counter the stress of "overwhelm" and the distractions of a "wealth of information." 

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My passion is helping individuals and organizations 'move the needle' by helping them adopt principles and behaviours that change the game and create awesome performance.

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