My recent career in the corporate world was focused on designing and facilitating leadership development programs.  My passion is giving leaders the tools they need to succeed in their role and watching them grow. 

I came to mindfulness in 2010 through a coach and mentor - Ray Williams. As a local expert in mindfulness, Ray has been both a mentor and a subject matter expert in designing the Mindful Wisdom 8-week mindfulness training program.   Through continued learning, ongoing meditation training, and exploration of the mind, I’ve come to see mindful awareness more broadly, incorporating the latest in neuroscience, behavior science, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and a range of present moment activities (everything from improv to mountain biking).  Further, my passion for this practice runs deeper than something I believe in; as the parent of an anxious child, mindfulness has enabled me to stay present, open and non-judgmental when my body is often screaming to react.  It has become critical for being my ‘best self’ parent.  Practicing mindfulness has led to improvements in how resilient, focused and yet open I am in every other aspect of my life. 

As someone who recognizes that between ‘stimulus and response there is a space’ and our ability to choose in that space makes all the difference as a professional, my goal is to help 1 million leaders and busy professionals realize the many benefits of a mindfulness practice.

Thus far, I’ve had the great fortune to work with the brilliant people at SAP, UBC, Covenant House Vancouver, BCIT, Urban Systems Ltd., Miller Titerle + Co. LLP, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Habanero Consulting, Smythe LLP, Schneider Electric, BC Assessment, plus numerous entrepreneurs and sole practitioners.  Testimonials can be found on the Testimonial Page

On a more personal note, I have many roles in my life.  I am a loving husband, playful father, committed trainer and coach, enthusiastic entrepreneur, constant reader, avid mountain biker, passionate espresso maker and lover of craft-brewed IPA’s.