Joy Versus Pleasure

If you have been through the Mindful Wisdom program, you recall that Week 7 was about how to manage our focus.  We imagined our focus to be like a stage and learned that the stage is very small. If our thoughts are the actors, our focus stage can only hold two to three at a time. Any new thoughts will bump an existing thought off the stage. We also learned that it takes a lot of energy to keep unwanted 'actors' from jumping onto the stage.  So a key to maintaining great focus is to periodically recharge that part of your brain that...

How a Nanosecond Can Change Your Life

It all happened in a flash.  I was biking quickly along a main road in North Vancouver racing to catch the Seabus. I was running late and needed to catch the next sailing to make my client meeting downtown.  I was in a bike lane alongside a steady stream of traffic to my left.  Several cars further ahead were making right-hand turns at the next intersection.  Neither of the two vehicles nearest to me had their signals on and appeared to be driving straight through.  But as I approached the intersection with speed I ...

3 Ways to Keep Coming Back to What is Most Important

“There are so many great opportunities!”  As I work with people these days I am amazed at the opportunities they have in front of them – new projects, programs, partnerships, markets and networking opportunities.  And these are just some of the opportunities in front of them at work.  There are also new books, blogs, podcasts and leadership development webinars, courses and assessment tools.  Then there are their personal lives!  Endless sports, leisure and creative opportunities for them and their children. The abundance is almost dizzying.  Yet, somehow all this abundance doesn’t leave them feeling fulfilled.

3 Ways to Stay Focused on What Matters Most

Today I’m on it!  For many of us, the day begins with the best of intentions.  We may even have a morning routine that clarifies priorities and plans for our day.  But despite good planning and best intentions, too often our day ends with us feeling weary and not sure that we have made progress, let alone made a difference.  After 8 or 9 hours of responding to urgent report requests, emails and attending meetings and calls we often feel like Sisyphus - we have rolled the rock up the hill but tomorrow it feels like it is right back where we started.

Living Life Between Chaos and Rigidity

Alas, life doesn’t always go as planned even when well planned. No matter our station or age, life has a tendency to serve up experiences that can throw us into chaos or rigidity.  It was 6:28 pm on another Wednesday and I could feel my anxiety rising.  My wife and I had just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to direct our scattered 7-year old daughter out the door, with about the same success as trying to direct a cat.  Just as we were about to leave...

An Invitation to Become More Resilient and Focused in 2016

What if… you could navigate your day from a place of calm, curiosity and concentration?  What if you were able to increase your ability to focus and get more done quicker?  What if the only thing you needed to get there was something you already have – your awareness?


The Mindful Wisdom program is a mindfulness-based program built on proven techniques, customized coaching and ongoing support to...

An Unbeatable Mind for 2016!

The New Year is often a time where we take stock of where we are at in our life’s journey and make minor course corrections, often called resolutions.   

Before you jump to the common course corrections like “join a gym” or “lose 10 pounds”, it is worth pausing and looking at the bigger picture.  Rather than reactwith a minor course correction or two (often made from a place of autopilot) you want to be intentional about this.  Remember there is a captain on this journey (you!) and the first thing the captain needs to be clear on is...