Scott offers a refreshing approach to mindfulness in a business setting. He integrates tools and concepts with his engineer's mind to offer concrete practices that benefit both individuals and teams in the workplace. We ran two groups through the 8-week course, saw great results and look forward to keeping mindfulness alive in our studio.

Ronna Chisholm, Business Strategist and Co-Founder of Dossier

We brought on Scott to take our foremen at Brighter Mechanical through the Mindful Wisdom program. Our team of foremen run complex projects in tenanted buildings with teams ranging from 5 to 15 tradespeople where we replace all existing pipe and replace it, all whilst people live in their homes. They deal with multiple stakeholders: property managers, building stratas, homeowners, tenants, other trades, and the occasional pet!

Originally my intention was to equip the foremen with some practical communication and conflict management tools to help them in their day to day work. In meeting Scott and on my own mindfulness journey I shifted my thinking to equipping them at the foundation. That before any communication or conflict models may be useful, their personal ability to self regulate and practice mindfulness would lay the foundation for their leadership and learning. Scott did a wonderful job of helping me get to this insight, and then had the flexibility to work with us in a way that worked for our business.

We ran the program for one hour increments at 7AM in the morning on a weekly and then bi-weekly basis. In terms of results, our foremen start off every foremen meeting with a meditation practice and all have taken away tools that they are incorporating into their lives, both on the personal and the professional side. I have also personally witnessed significant performance changes with several of our foremen and senior leaders, which they attribute to their increased self awareness and having a toolset they can implement into their lives. I also received feedback from several spouses at our Christmas party who personally thanked me for bringing the practice of mindfulness into their families.

Thank you Scott – it made a difference! 

Suzanne Boyd, Owner Noverra Group of Companies

We had the pleasure of welcoming Scott as our keynote speaker for our spring department meeting. He spoke about the importance of developing an open mindset and provided tips on how our team can achieve this. Scott is a fantastic speaker and his talk offered a lot of valuable information and ‘food for thought’ for everyone that attended.  I really appreciated how Scott took time to get to know our team, some of the challenges and successes we’ve had in the past year, which he then incorporated into his talk. This made it feel much more personalized and really helped the audience connect with the material.

Tanya Fish, Sr. Media Relations Advisor, BC Hydro

As the Speaker Chair for a local chapter of the international Probus Club, I am constantly in search of interesting topics and speakers for our monthly meetings. I have been aware of mindfulness for some time and, through a consulting contract, became aware that Scott would be conducting a mindfulness workshop for a mutual client. I decided to engage Scott to address the Probus chapter, which consists of 90 retired business professionals in the 75-95 age demographic. Scott agreed and severely pared down his usually several-day workshop into a one hour session titled "What the Heck is Mindfulness and Why Does It Matter to a Retired Businessman?".  

Retired business professionals can hold very high expectations of their speakers. Given those expectations, that this was an unusual topic for the group and that Scott would be holding the session as a mini workshop, the opportunity for disaster loomed large. However, Scott very quickly captured the attention and interest of the 55 members that attended. At the conclusion Scott was inundated with questions, several members asked for his business card, and I received kudos for choosing such an interesting topic and engaging speaker.

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool for anyone with stress and anxiety in their lives. In a very short presentation/workshop, Scott managed to convey that and capture the interest of a very demanding audience.

Ken Nowlan

Speaker Chair, Probus Club of Surrey and White Rock

Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned meditator, this workshop will provide you with insights, and more importantly, practices to train your brain.

Charles Holmes, Founder

CE Holmes Consulting Inc. 

As a leader of a large and increasingly complex workforce - engaging trusted and thoughtful external perspective is a key ingredient for success. I have worked extensively with Scott Orth on matters of leadership development, mindfulness training, executive coaching and team formation and development. Scott’s unique background combining professional service firm experience with a coaching and people development focus enables him to bring inspired yet pragmatic solutions to your workplace. He is one of the few consultants in this space who I have seen engage effectively across the generations and with professionals of different backgrounds. A great listener and someone who challenges each of his clients to achieve their fullest potential. I would highly recommend Scott to those with senior leadership responsibilities in government or in business settings.

Martin Bell, CEO

Urban Systems Limted

Scott Orth presented the “Resilience and Focus” breakout session at our Work-Life Balance Conference on July 20, 2017.  He consistently received excellent evaluations from the workshop attendees.

Scott is an excellent facilitator, very engaging and made the breakout seminar easy to follow. The content presented was succinct and contained the right level of detail. His excellent knowledge of the subject matter allowed him to effortlessly handle any questions and discussion.

I have no hesitation in recommending Scott as presenter. He was truly a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to provide any further information if required. 

Allison Hyatt, Professional Development Coordinator

Chartered Professional Accountants of BC

Scott Orth’s Mindfulness program makes realizing the benefits of meditation accessible to everyone and helps you learn how to apply mindfulness to your everyday activities. Of course, I had heard about people experiencing a significant reduction in anxiety and stress, improved focus and attention and results when they meditate, but before this program it felt like there was no way I could add one more “to-do” to an already jam-packed schedule.

Scott is a gifted facilitator who is able to look past the obvious and illuminate a path to meaningful, practical change. Each session led me on a journey of awareness and self-discovery. This program provides the proof of concept, the motivation and the instruction to begin a very important leadership journey. As a result, I am more effective at work, calmer, happier and healthier. I highly recommend Scott and his mindfulness program!

Kathy Andrews, Associate, The Coaching Studio

Scott’s 8-Week Mindful Wisdom program will give you the tools and techniques you need to become a more mindful leader, coach and human being!  The weekly sessions and workbook added a layer of accountability that supported our development. I’m grateful for the skills I’ve learned and would definitely recommend this program!

Lorie Corcuera, Co-founder SPARK Creations and Co. Inc.

Scott Orth’s 8-week program will transform you! Even if you aren’t perfect at the practice (which I’m not), you will manage stress, anxiety and challenging situations differently.  You will sleep better, learn how to focus on what is important and still your busy brain. Mindfulness is a journey, and while I am still learning, I feel that Scott has played a very important and long-lasting role in my achieving a calm and still mind. 

Teresa Comey, Principal at Influencing Leadership

Scott, has created an important platform and advisory service for anyone who perhaps has heard but wants to learn more about mindfulness. I've observed Scott as a trainer and facilitator over the years and can attest to his skills and competency. More recently, I referred Scott to one of my executive coaching clients who was stressed out, confused, and to quote him: "at my wits end". After a few months of his work on mindfulness with Scott, this person has transformed and is much more productive at work, and he is happier at home too! I have no hesitation recommending Scott for this type of work.

Brian Conlin, Exec. Coach, Board Director, Business Advisor

Scott worked closely with our organization for a mindfulness session that he put together particularly for us. His attention to detail and thoughtful approach to incorporating our values and corporate culture into his content made the session relevant and resonate with the 40+ employees in attendance. As an organization focused on productivity, creativity, and focus to excel in our workplace and industry, his tips on being mindful gave us key takeaways to quickly incorporate in the way we do our work. I would recommend Mindful Wisdom as working with Scott made it easy to run an interesting session for a multi-function and diverse office.

Jessica Gutierrez, Event Coordinator

I’m very grateful to have Scott as my guide through these initial stages of my mindfulness journey. Scott’s ability to balance the learning and the practice has really worked for me and I feel I’ve made meaningful progress. I would be glad to share my experiences with anyone considering working with Scott.

Steven Fitzgerald, CEO, Habanero Consulting

I would highly recommend Scott as a coach and mindfulness trainer.  I knew there was great value in coaching and jumped at the opportunity. I always left our sessions felling empowered to be a better person. Scott reinforced the notion that there is always something to improve on, which was valuable for me to see - and gave me the tools and clarity to focus on it. The challenges will change but in the end it is how I respond to them. I believe I now have the tools I need to far better manage my emotional brain. And that the biggest asset I have is the power of choice. The choice to be open, accept people for who they are, and lead by example.

Kevin Bowyer, Assistant Discipline Manager, EXP

Essential Impact was looking for an introduction to mindfulness and we had the good fortune to connect with Scott.  Scott put together a fabulous 3-hour introduction for our team in a private setting that allowed us to being to wrap our minds around how mindfulness or the expansion of mindfulness might fit in our coaching program.  We are a very passionate (read opinionated) team and Scott handled the diversity of opinion and ideas masterfully.  Much appreciated Scott!

Dave Busse, Founding Partner, Essential Impact

I am the Organizer of the Vancouver Business Network Meetup. On May 30, 2016 Mr. Scott Orth spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. The title of his presentation was “Increase Your Sales Using 3 Proven Mindfulness Techniques.” Scott totally engaged the audience with his stories and examples and the depth and breadth of his knowledge around all things related to mindfulness. He opened many eyes to the potential that can be realized by harnessing the power of mindfulness to build personal and professional relationships and hence a better business and life. My members simply loved him.

Roger Killen, Producer of TEDx Vancouver

Scott’s class provided me with an exceptionally clear and comprehensive understanding of mindfulness along with very specific techniques to integrate this extraordinary practice into my daily life.  His commitment, breadth of knowledge and genuine compassion provide a truly safe and supportive environment to break through old “autopilot” habits and learn to be present, open, attentive, accepting and non-judgmental, everything coalescing to bring about a whole new level of inner calm.  To anyone struggling in today’s increasingly overloaded world I would wholeheartedly encourage you to give yourself the gift of taking this class.

Arne Olsen.  Screenwriter

It is the norm these days to live our lives filled with stress, worry and sometimes overwhelming situations. I took the Mindful Wisdom course as an attempt to overcome these daily stresses and what Scott delivered exceeded my expectations. 

This program equipped me with the knowledge and practical, easy to use skills that are essential for changing my life by getting back to the basics and focusing on what is truly important. Stress and worry will always be a part of my life, but how I handle it makes all the difference. And by practicing the techniques learned in this course, I'm happier, I'm engaged, I'm thankful, I'm connected, and most importantly - I'm a better mom.  If you're ready to make a real change in your life, Mindful Wisdom is the way.

A. Laface

I attended the mindfulness program with Scott Orth over an eight-week period with a group of individuals I had never met before. At first, I wasn't too sure what my take away was going to be and was a tiny bit resistant. But once I relaxed into the program and just let the lessons sink in, I realized that as with any new step I take, there is a learning curve. Nothing changes overnight - including my mind - and there are always growing pains. Once I accepted that, the changes were subtle, yet noticeable. 

It's like anything else - unless I do the work, I won't realize the benefits. I am generally always open to new ideas about enlightenment and growth, but when I get handed exercises to do, sometimes it loses its luster somewhat.  I often think, "Oh, what's the point? I'll just go back to my easy, learned behaviors. This is too HARD." 

However, the way Scott presented this program was outside of the box thinking for the most part, and really did help shift the way I look at the world now.  I wouldn't have imagined that in two months, I would have embraced something in this way.  I am actually continuing with the ideas and exercises that we learned, which are new behaviors that are helping me feel happier and more productive. I do recommend that whoever has the opportunity, to definitely take advantage of what Scott offers.

W. Phillips

Through role playing, real-world examples and easy to grasp illustrations of Mindful Wisdom, Scott has helped me gain a fresh perspective on how I act and react in a variety of situations. He has encouraged me to pull myself out of autopilot now and then and not only reminded me but has convinced me to be much more thoughtful about what I am paying attention to and spending my energy on. I feel I have become more productive in my actions and thoughtful in my reactions. My students and my teenage daughter have already benefited from my participation in Scott's program! 

'Be careful what you practice because practice make permanent.'

H. Gallilee

Scott's three stage path (what's here now, what is it asking of me, what action will I take) along with the group sessions and home practice have taught me to be more present and less reactive in my daily life. I now am more able to tolerate the ups and downs of the day and am able to choose how I want to act, rather than just reacting in a given situation. I am now able to stay in a 'c' state more frequently and my kids have even told me that I am not as grumpy! I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to be more present and alive in their life. Scott is a very caring, intuitive teacher, who did a great job leading us on this journey.


Scott’s simple-to-understand, yet powerful techniques in The Mindful Wisdom program were essential in learning mindfulness in the workplace. With Scott’s experienced guidance demonstrating simple mindfulness techniques, such as noticing your breath, relaxing the body, and letting go of thoughts, I immediately began to realize and experience the benefits of mindfulness. In combination with downloadable systems and Scott's personalized on-going coaching throughout the program, support continued outside of the classroom. This was invaluable and a pleasant surprise.

I would absolutely recommend The Mindful Wisdom program to anyone who has a dream to take their relationships or business to the next level. It has improved my connection with my clients, increased my performance efficiency and enhanced my relationship with my loved ones at home.

C. Kaay

Although a total skeptic of self-help books and the like, I had heard enough about mindfulness to know that it is legitimate and based on scientific principles. I thought it would help me “live in the moment” more, reduce stress and help my relationship with my VERY strong-willed and emotional daughter. Scott’s course was great and I have definitely benefitted from it! He is very good at explaining and making relevant the different aspects of mindfulness, while creating an environment where the group was able to really gain from each others’ experiences. I have even gotten my young son and my mother to start some of the practices I learned from Scott, and we are all benefiting from them.

R. Nathan